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Mist on The Mountain

Mist on The Mountain

Mist on The Mountain features eleven tracks that strip Geoffrey Castle to his bare essentials: a man and his violin. Pulling influences from jazz, blues, world music traditions plus the palettes of avant-garde composers and rock guitarists, Geoffrey Castle does it all—and performs it all. No guest stars, no tricks, nothing up his sleeves.

On his solo album, the Seattle violinist offers and eleven-track collection of stunning originals showcasing his pioneering talent on six-string electric violin. Tapping ancient Celtic melodies and modern pop, rock, and jazz, Castle has creased a pure, uncluttered masterpiece. Among the gems is the ethereal "Underhill's Waltz," and a remarkable version of Miles Davis' "All Blues."
—Gene Stout, Seattle P-I
Tracks — Click to listen or purchase for download from Bandcamp!