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Shannon Castle Art
Shannon Castle Art
Angels, Mermaids,
Mandalas, and more…
Deep Well Sessions

Deep Well Sessions - Streets of Inwood Watch "Streets of Inwood,"
from The Deep Well Sessions.


I have always been an advocate of community outreach performances—from college to kindergarten, it's always fun to go back to school! If you'd like to have me visit your school for assembly performances, and classroom workshops, get in touch with me or my friends at Academic Entertainment!

My Music

Digital Downloads—Most of my music is available from the Download Store via either PayPal or credit card. You can buy tracks in high-quality MP3 FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless) or Ogg Vorbis format. (Don't worry if you don't know what those are: MP3 works on almost any computer, music player, tablet, smartphone, or other digital device!) You get music instantly—and there's no copy protection to get in your way.

Physical CDs—Wanna go old school? If physical CDs are available, you can order then via PayPal—even with a debit or credit card. Orders go through my company Castle Art & Music.

Geoffrey Castle: Celtic Night
Geoffrey Castle, with a host of stellar musicians, creates a truly unique approach to Irish music. The result is this exquisite studio recording: rocking, run, and captivating—unlike anything you've ever heard!
CD via
Noel: A Celtic Christmas Celebration
Geoffrey Castle has taken music from before the commercialization of Christmas and brought it forth into the 21st century with new arrangements and a state-of-the-art recording that will bring joy to listeners for years to come!
Available digitally via
Fractal Music Works - The Other Side
Fractal Music Works is the musical brainchild of A.J. Sorbello, Brian Fischer, and Geoffrey Castle, a musical team who, with an extended family of musicians and artists,delivers a breathtakingly cinematic and original new sound that is proud to be from Seattle.
CD via
Deep Well Sessions: Disc 1
I went into Deep Well Studios, solo, and recorded twenty songs in two days. Each song was captured by a four-camera video shoot as it was being recorded so people will get to see how the recording was made. One take. Every time. Disc One assembles some of the smoother tracks…
CD via
Deep Well Sessions: Disc 2
…while Disc Two features some sizzle and pyrotechnics. Still one take, live, every time! Check it out!
CD via
Underhill's Angel
Songs that predate the commercialization of Christmas, with melodies that are 200, 300, 400…even 800 years old. An album with deep spiritual roots, and a sound that feels right now, full of inspiration and improvisation. With Eric Robert (piano) and Garey Shelton (bass).
Streets of Inwwood
Geoffrey Castle combines old school R&B, funk, jazz, blues, and gospel with traditional Celtic melodies. ÝThese seven songs feature performances by Alan White (drummer for John Lennon, Yes), Ben Smith (drummer for Heart), Garey Shelton (Grammy-winning bass player) and Eric Robert (the keyboardist featured on Underhill's Angel)
Live at the Triple Door: 2010
More than any other CD release to date, this disc captures the flow and energy of a Castle concert—featuring Eric Robert and Darin Watkins, with guest appearances by Beth Quist, Dan Connolly, and The Gothard Sisters.
Yochido: The Way was created working directly with Yoga and Tai-Chi master Vidal Bitton, who tried out the tracks in front of an actual class—and we used his feedback to make it work exactly with the flow and pace of a yoga class. No one, to my knowledge, has ever done this. The perfect accompaniment to a workout or a drive through the mountains!
Mist on the Mountain
Eleven tracks that strip Geoffrey Castle to his bare essentials: a man and his violin. No guest stars, no tricks, nothing up his sleeves.
Wander This World
Think of this as a musical trip around the world, in the company of some amazing musicians. Some listeners think that this is a compilation. It's not. Same musicians, same session.
Guarneri Underground's ambitious follow-up to New World features Geoffrey Castle with John Schussler, Mikel Rollins, T.J. Morris, and Mohammed Shaibu and nine new tunes ranging from Caribbean to jazz fusion to Afro-Asian percussion romps and even a straight-up ballad.
New World
Twelve adventurous compositions for two electric violins and a plethora of world instruments, includinga stormy rendition of Ornette Coleman's "Lonely Woman" and a funky arrangement of several traditional Irish tunes in "Farewell to Inwood." With John Schussler and the Guarneri Underground.