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Shannon Castle Art
Shannon Castle Art
Angels, Mermaids,
Mandalas, and more…

New World

New World

New World presents twelve original compositions by John Schussler and Geoffrey Castle, plus a stormy rendition of Ornette Coleman's "Lonely Woman" and a funky arrangement of several traditional Irish tunes in "Farewell to Inwood." Originally published as the Guarneri Undergound's first album, New World is now remastered to be clearer than ever, and features several tracks that have become audience and radio favorites.

Much more than an exposition of the violin, [New World] is a world's fair of music that tantalizes with its sounds, sights, and smells. This group is a native market in a big city, a bazaar by a pyramid where incense lingers in the air. The musicians switch from fez to sombrero to top hats as they unearth the beauties of North African, Spanish, Irish and classical forms. … With so many groups playing at rather than with world music, it's refreshing to hear a concept that is so unified. The violinists really understand how versatile the instrument is and are fearless in casting it in so many diverse settings. Wow! Did this really come from Seattle?
—Gary Bannister, 5/4 Magazine
Tracks — Click to listen or purchase for download from Bandcamp!