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Deep Well Sessions

Deep Well Sessions - Streets of Inwood Watch "Streets of Inwood,"
from The Deep Well Sessions.

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Fractal Music Works – The Other Side

Fractal Music Works - The Other Side
Available digitally via

Seattle's Fractal Music Works, born from the shared inspiration of A.J. Sorbello, Brian Fischer, and violinist Geoffrey Castle, draws inspiration from groups like Thievery Corporation, Bassnectar, and Amon Tobin, and composers like Philip Glass and Patrick O'Hearn. It's electronica, dub step, rock, world music, rap, and more combined into a soaring, orchestral, danceable, contemporary, and evocative collection.

"We all know so many amazing musical people," says Castle, "and it is such a gift to be able to create a setting for them to shine. If we took a real band photo that included everyone we're working with it would look like some kind of musical family reunion."

Available from London Tone Music Group's 52×52–A Year in Your Ear project.


Geoffrey, Emily, Brian, and AJ discuss the single "Sword and Shield" at London Bridge Studios:

  1. Warriors Cry (feat. Beth Quist)
  2. Sword & Shield (feat. Geoffrey Castle)
  3. Avalanche (feat. Beth Quist)
  4. Hello (feat. Caitlin Cardier)
  5. Out of Control (feat. Boots)
  6. Here We Come (feat. Jersey Brown)
  7. Mirrors
  8. Got No Time (feat. Jersey Brown)
  9. With You Always (feat. Beth Quist)
  10. Got To Do What I Say
  11. Fine