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Underhill's Angel

Underhill's Angel
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A Treasury of Songs For The Season

There was a time before the commercialization of Christmas. A time lit with candles and firelight, when tapestries kept the cold from coming through the stone, and folk would gather during the longest nights of the year to sing songs of hope and light. This recording was made to recapture that time and bring forward the ancient and genuine spirit of Christmas into this modern time.

I wanted to make a CD with songs that predated the commercialization of Christmas. Melodies that are 200, 300, 400, 800 years old. A CD with deep spiritual roots, and a sound that feels right now, full of inspiration and improvisation. Eric Robert and I went into the studio with Grammy award-winning bassist Garey Shelton and these ancient melodies—some of which will be familiar, and some that I am sure will become new favorites—and we followed our own path. The result really is magical.
—Geoffrey Castle
"The album is entirely instrumental, creating an ethereal mood that is soothing and reflective. It's the perfect CD for the wee hours of Christmas morning, long after the fire has faded to embers."
Gene Stout, music critic
Tracks — Click to listen or purchase for download from Bandcamp!