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May 5, 2014

Welcome to the Pilgrims edition of

The Geoffrey Castle Newsletter

What do May flowers bring…?

A lot of amazing shows, events, travel, festivals, and…one huge opportunity to do the right thing:

Here's the text of what I just wrote about this event on my Facebook page:

I played a concert in Darrington last night. It was a little thing, at the High School auditorium there. This wonderful woman named Laura, who works for North County Family Services, got in touch with me and sweetly asked if I would be willing to come out and just play to cheer people up in the community. Seriously. It took me about 3 seconds to say yes.

I drove to Darrington using the one narrow lane logging road detour that just opened for people to get around the slide on Hwy 530. At the top of this road, going 10 mph behind a pilot car, you come to a place where you have an unobstructed view of the devastation.

I'm a news junkie. I've been watching all this on TV for 5 weeks. Nothing prepared me for what I saw. It's a gravel pit, full of trees, mangled wreckage, and a big American flag, flying from a pole, still standing, out in the middle of it all, like a lone sentinel.

When you see a picture, you're bigger than the picture, even if the thing you're looking at is huge. When you're THERE you're very very tiny…

The people of Darrington came out and showed me much love; it was a sweet little gathering with home-made chocolate chip cookies. Kids dancing and running around… These are good good people.

Later, as the night wore on, the stories started to come out. Oso and Darrington aren't really two separate towns. They're connected by schools, shops, bars, a Highway and a River. The news gives you statistics: how many people died, how high it ranks in terms of natural disasters in the state, in the nation, yadda yadda….

The truth? Everyone in these two towns knows everyone else, and all have been to so many funerals… neighbors, friends, family, people whose faces they would see every day.

I was sitting at the only open bar in town with a man who lost his son. He was so drunk he could barely speak. His friend stood by him, waiting to drive him home.

I am truly humbled to have been chosen by these folks, this community, to come out, help out in some small measure, and to do what I do to help cheer things up a little…

My next concert for Oso/Darrington is on May 24th in Stanwood - which is connected to these communities by the Stillaguamish River - or the "Blue Stilly" as locals call it.

Here's the thing: there's all kinds of money flowing from all over to "help" with this disaster, but the truth? Most people aren't seeing any of it. Millions and millions of dollars, FEMA, United Way, and on and on, but if a Volunteer Firefighter destroys his boots digging through the sharp jagged terrain of this disaster, he's gotta pay for new boots out of his own pocket, after not being paid for weeks while working around the clock…

That's why I'm doing this show on May 24th.

The money raised from this event goes STRAIGHT to FIREFIGHTERS: men and women - The Heroes of the Blue Stilly - who selflessly gave everything they had without hesitation in the wake of this catastrophe.

Tickets are $20. I don't care where you live. I don't care if you've got "other plans" that weekend. Go have your hair done, mow your lawn, sail your boat, whatever … just BUY A TICKET. Buy TEN tickets. The room holds 500 people. I want to see 1,000 tickets sold. And if you come to the concert you will get to meet some of the Firefighters who have been out on the "Pile," doing this heartbreaking work.

Get tickets here:

Meanwhile, yeah, I've got CDs out (download them here), new projects (Fractal Music Works) a Pandora channel, Art, Music, Recordings…

I've got shows in Colorado, Port Angeles, and New York, and The Wilde Rover continues in Kirkland every Monday night. I wish you could come to all of them. But even if you can't make a single show, and you live in Mongolia or something, that's still no reason to not buy a ticket to "Heroes of the Blue Stilly."

Here's the Schedule!

Monday, May 5
The Wilde Rover
111 Central Way
Kirkland, WA 98033-6107
(425) 822-8940
Celtic Night

Featuring Steve Boyce, Brooke Lizotte, Darin Watkins, and Connor Dunworley. Oh, and EDGARS our singing sound man! Waaaaa-Hoooo! Who knew you could have this much fun on a Monday??? Nothing like it anywhere in the known Universe.
Thursday, May 8–Sunday, May 11
Advance Joy Music Festival
Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort
15870 County Road 162,
Nathrop, CO 81236
(719) 395-2447
Ahhh, west and we wax-ation….

That's me attempting to write like Elmer Fudd, while not running afoul of auto-correct!

This is a four day music festival in this astoundingly idyllic retreat in the Rockies! Got friends in Colorado? It's an easy drive from Denver…
Monday, May 12
The Wilde Rover
111 Central Way
Kirkland, WA 98033-6107
(425) 822-8940
Celtic Night
Thursday, May 15
School Performance
Concrete Elementary School
Concrete, Washington
Yes, I do school shows! Got a kid in school? Are you on the PTA? Work in a school? Invite me. It's easy! Get in touch with my friends at Academic Entertainment.
Friday, May 16
Private Event
Yes, I do private events. Sometimes in foreign countries like Mexico, Vienna and Italy. And sometimes right here at home. Want a little Castle magic at your next event? Get in touch!
Saturday, May 17
Emerald City Trapeze
Shannon and I are going to a party at Emerald City Trapeze and we're just going to have a blast. I think there are still some tickets available!
Sunday, May 18
Private Event
What I said before, but again. Get in touch!
Monday, May 19
The Wilde Rover
111 Central Way
Kirkland, WA 98033-6107
(425) 822-8940
Celtic Night
Friday, May 23
Kell's Irish Pub
Post Alley between Virginia & Stewart
Seattle, Washington 9–12
with J.P. Hennessy
J.P. is a new friend, a guitar player from Ireland who kind of looks like Elvis, and plays the guitar like it's on fire. Like if Stevie Ray Vaughn looked like Elvis, and came from Ireland … or something. This will be our first public gig together…
Saturday, May 24
For the Heroes of the Blue Stilly
Performing Arts Center
Standwood, WA
Tickets available now!
I already wrote a short autobiographical novella about this show, but the other thing you need to know is that there will be a meet and greet and potluck AND a silent auction in the lobby which may or may not turn into a tailgate party with fire trucks in the parking lot, from 5-7pm. It is likely to be very disorganized and a lot of fun, with some amazing items on bid because the High School kids are out soliciting silent auction items right now…

I will come on and do a set, and then there will be a set by the ReverbNation #1 Celtic Band in the Northwest: Chronilus! With roots in Snohomish County, and a firm belief in the cause, they will bring an old world Celtic magic to the event. It will be a lovely evening of music, food, and fun for a very very good cause!

The money raised goes STRAIGHT to FIREFIGHTERS: men and women — The Heroes of the Blue Stilly — who selflessly gave everything they had without hesitation.
Sunday, May 25–Monday, May 26
Juan de Fuca Festival
Port Angeles, Washington
This will be my TWENTIETH YEAR playing this festival! Wow. Check schedule on their Web site for performance times and locations. Make a weekend of it. This festival is one of the best, and most surprisingly eclectic, in the whole nation!
Monday, May 26
The Wilde Rover
111 Central Way
Kirkland, WA 98033-6107
(425) 822-8940
Celtic Night
Wednesday, May 28
Novelty Hill - Januik Winery
14710 Redmond-Woodinville Rd NE
Woodinville, WA 98072
(425) 481-5502
5–8pm (Happy hour!)
Solo concert
Friday, May 30
Kell's Irish Pub
Post Alley between Virginia & Stewart
Seattle, Washington
with J.P. Hennessy
Saturday, May 31
The Hawthorne Pub
115 Avenue A
Snohomish, Washington 98290
(360) 563-5243
I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! Maybe the Mayor will dance on the tables again!
Sunday, June 1
Muckleshoot Casino
2402 Auburn Way S.
Auburn, Washington 98002
with Darren Motamedy
That's probably all I need to say, for those of you who have seen us together before. If you've seen us before, you'll figure out the rest, like where, what time, and all that, and you'll get there early to get a good seat. You always do. See you there!

Wow! You read all the way down to the bottom of the newsletter! I love you for that! I will have all my summer dates (so far) posted up on the Web site very very soon.

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Enjoy the music, share it with your friends and family, and I'll see you at a show really soon!

Geoffrey Castle