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Shannon Castle Art
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March 12, 2014

Welcome to the LAST CHANCE FOR TICKETS edition of

The Geoffrey Castle Newsletter

Usually, when I write a newsletter, I ease into things with news, and a little of this and a little of that, all intended to let you into my insane maelstrom of gigs 'gently'…

Well, there's no time for all that now!

You've got 72 hours to get a ticket, or you're out in the cold. Begging! But NOOOO you wouldn't listen, and now you're trying to find a wheelchair to see if you can fake your way into a handicap seat, but they're ALL GONE TOO because you waited too long, and now even your dog looks at you funny!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Here's the schedule for this weekend (with links to get tickets, so your dog doesn't look at you funny) Also, read down below for some fun stuff about Fractal Music Works, Mrs. Castle, and more!

Friday March 14
St. Patrick's Celebration - Skagit County Firefighters Fundraiser!
H2O Nightclub
8pm - 11pm (or thereabouts)

The Celtic Night Crew rocks Anacortes! Wear your green (Seahawks gear is PERFECT!) and come party with us at Anacortes' newest nightclub: H2O! What a night this will be! The show kicks off with a set by the Snohomish County Firefighter's Pipe and Drum band, then the Celtic Night Crew takes the stage for some rousing Irish drinking songs, Castle originals, and the occasional classic rock cover, and then the late night kicks in with Fractal Music Works, featuring Emily Taylor, A.J. Sorbello, and Brian Fischer, and a DJ dance party to follow featuring A.J. Sorbello and Michael Duncan from MikeD Up Productions!

Proceeds benefit first responders, so buy a ticket even if you can't make it, to support our local heroes! Facebook Friends: Click "Going" on the Event Page! If you're really cool, you'll SHARE too!

Saturday March 15
Geoffrey Castle's 9th Annual St. Patrick's Celebration
The Kirkland Performance Center
8pm - 10:30pm

This show will feature the amazing Celtic Night Band, with T.J. Morris on drums, renowned keyboardist Brooke Lizzotte, Steve Boyce on Bass, and Connor Dunworley - the tallest guitar player in the world - singing in that lovely tenor voice of his. And then, as seen on TV, we will have Fractal Music Works - featuring A.J. Sorbello, Brian Fischer, Emily Taylor, and spoken word artist Boots Chammas (who is flying in from Los Angeles especially for this show!)

The EastSide Firefighters Pipe and Drum Band will open the show, and they will RAWK you. They will also have stuff on sale in the lobby that benefits firefighters!!

Facebook Friends: Click "Going" on the Event Page! If you're really cool, you'll SHARE too!

Monday March 17
Wilde Rover
12 noon - 3pm
Take a lunch break, and party with us at the Wilde Rover! Whether or not you decide to go back to work is ENTIRELY up to you…
Monday March 17
St. Patrick's Day Party!
7:30pm - 10:30pm
Bake's Place Bellevue

The Celtic Night Crew rocks the "Best Live Music Venue on the Eastside." Come celebrate St. Patrick's Day without someone spilling green beer on your shoes…The chef at Bake's Place is planning a special four-star Irish menu, and the bar features top shelf and local distillery selections that you won't find anywhere else.

Facebook Friends: Click "Going" on the event page. I know you'll share this one too!

Okay, so some of you, by now, through the haze of information overload that is your Internet existence, have thought to yourselves "just what is 'Fracatoa' or whatever this new project that Geoffrey is involved in now, all about?"

Well, it's Fractal Music Works and they have a Web site!

And a new CD: The Other Side.

Fractal Music Works

Seattle's Fractal Music Works, born from the shared inspiration of A.J. Sorbello, Brian Fischer, and violinist Geoffrey Castle is more of a brainchild than a band. Drawing inspiration from groups like Thievery Corporation, Bassnectar, and Amon Tobin, and composers like Philip Glass and Patrick O'Hearn, the team of Castle, Fischer, and Sorbello let the music guide them to the best combination of talents needed to bring each musical vision to fruition.

"We all know so many amazing musical people," says Castle, "and it is such a gift to be able to create a setting for them to shine. If we took a real 'band photo' that included everyone we're working with it would look like some kind of musical family reunion."

On the verge of releasing their first full length CD, and their first single on London Tone Records, Fractal and family are ready for the world to hear what they've created.

"I'm really excited about our first single, 'Sword and Shield,'" says Castle. "It's crazy: a cinematic Celtic DubStep Irish Electronica love duet? Hey, just in time for St. Patrick's Day!"

"Yes," says Fischer, "it's the story of an Irish soldier and his wife, separated by seven years of war. It's full of longing and pain."

A lot of that longing and pain can be heard in the haunting voice of Emily Taylor, who Fischer discovered by chance in a parking lot, singing while she worked.

"I heard this voice, and I had to find out who it was," says Fischer, "and she was perfect for this song. Geoffrey thought we should do this thing as a duet, and suggested Boots Chammas for the male vocal, so we got his tracks done at London Bridge's sister studio down in Los Angeles."

It takes a lot of confidence to work this way, but with the combined backgrounds of Castle, Fischer, and Sorbello, confidence is never in short supply.

A.J. Sorbello began an international career as a producer and DJ in his teens and he's been in high demand ever since. His soundtracks and remixes have been featured in award winning documentaries, feature films, and television. His creativity, spiritual insight, and engineering prowess are vital to the Fractal sound.

When he's not discovering amazing singers in parking lots, Brian Fischer composes the basic musical building blocks from which most of the songs on Fractal Music Work's new CD The Other Side are constructed. He writes lyrics, plays percussion, and generally keeps everyone on task, which can be a bit like herding cats at times.

Geoffrey Castle likes to say that he's famous with everyone who knows him. A pioneer of the six-string electric violin, Castle brings a lifetime of world-ranging musical influences and skills, plus stage and studio experience to the project. A band leader and composer, with nine CDs out on his own Twisted Fiddle Music label, Castle is excited about the future.

"We've all been places, we've all done things, but it's not where you've been," says Castle. "It's where you're going."

London Tone Music and London Bridge Studios are now part of the Fractal family, and their confidence in the combination of Castle, Fischer, and Sorbello led to the creation of the song Sword and Shield, which would never have taken form without their trust and the mixing talents of legendary producer Jonathan Plum.

Fractal Music Works, from this beginning, is a fearless new Seattle sound that will definitely be going places: exotic places! "Sword and Shield," the debut single from Fractal Music Works, will be released on London Tone Music on St Patrick's Day: Monday March 17, 2014.

Wow! You read all the way to the bottom of this newsletter! What's wrong with you? You were supposed to be buying TICKETS, not reading!


I love you anyway.

Shannon Castle loves you too. Because you went to her new web site! and because you brought enough money to buy a limited edition print of Catherine (featured on the cover of Fractal's new CD!) at the show. Which you managed to attend because you listened to your dog, and bought a ticket.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This newsletter was sponsored by J. Irish W.